Cosmetic Dentists in Shoreline - Dr John Hoag and Dr. Michelle DotschWith bittersweet hearts, we have some news.

The past two years have brought about many changes. The loss of Dr. Hoag’s beloved mother and the unexpected passing of one of his older brothers. With aging parents Dr. Dotsch has spent much of her time away from the office allowing her to help transition her mother and father, whom she loves so much, to a new stage of their lives. With these changes, there has been one constant and it has been the realization of just exactly how quickly time passes. As a result, and after countless hours of contemplation, we have chosen to bring our active practice to a close to spend more time with our family. This has not been an easy decision. We adore what we do and have been blessed to have an amazing team and the most wonderful patients in the world.

What does the office closure mean for you?

Currently we are planning on treating patients until September 21st, 2017. We recommend you call as soon as possible to get your restorative needs completed with Dr. Hoag as well as your hygiene visits with Tambe and Jessie. We have listed some information in this letter, however we have many of your questions answered by clicking HERE.

Dr. Jordan Brenner – Your quality of care is our highest priority. After careful consideration, we have found you a wonderful dentist, Dr. Jordan Brenner who will be taking over your care. His office is approximately 5 minutes from ours and you will soon be receiving a welcome letter from his office, introducing himself. We have been working together to make this transition as easy as possible for you and all our patients. Once you begin your care with him, you will be greeted by the familiar faces of Tambe and Maria, who will retain their positions at this new office.

What does this mean for us?

We aren’t entirely sure what we are doing after this change. Right now, we are focusing on the opportunity of spending time with our loved ones. Ultimately, we may volunteer more with our church, we may do Doctors Without Borders, we may end up teaching dentistry, there isn’t a definitive plan. The only thing that is certain is that we are grateful to have had the opportunity to serve each of you for the past 24 years. It has been an absolute pleasure to have enjoyed our friendship and to have been your advocate for your oral health.


Drs. Hoag & Dotsch

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