Make your Cosmetic Dentisrty Last with These Tried & True Strategies

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Cosmetic dentistry is an investment in your smile, oral health, as well as your self-esteem. It is a significant financial investment, because cosmetic dentistry uses top-grade materials in combination with cutting-edge technology and procedures, which means it is not usually cheap.

Like any financial investment, you want the results of your cosmetic dental procedure to last. Here are a few strategies to help keep your new smile looking good over the long haul, and preserve the integrity of your cosmetic dentistry.

Choose the right dentist

Make sure you choose a cosmetic dentist with an abundance of training, talent, and experience in the field. A veteran cosmetic dentist will produce results that look better and also fit better in the mouth, guaranteeing your bite remains aligned. Cosmetic dentistry is not all about looks, but the function of your mouth and bite as well. If your smile looks gorgeous, but your teeth do not come together well, leaving you with pain in your jaw joints, for example, you are left with less desirable results.

We also recommend choosing a cosmetic dentist who has training and experience in neuromuscular dentistry, a specialization of the field that studies how the bite works as a unit and creates harmony between the muscles, jaw joints, and teeth. Maintaining a harmonious bite minimizes the risk of cracks and chips in your new dental work, as well as discomfort, pain or other oral health concerns.

Plus, it will save you money in the long run!

Always choose the long-term option

Some cosmetic dental treatments are more durable than others. The longer-lasting treatments may cost more up front, but not having to replace them in a few years actually makes them more cost effective over time.

For example, dental bonding may only last a few years, but veneers—which can correct the same problems—typically last at least a decade.

Choose durable materials

Cosmetic dentistry is constantly evolving and developing new, stronger materials that are a significant upgrade over what has been used in the past. These new materials have greater resistance to bite force, and are more resistant to abrasion and attack by acidic foods and drinks. Make sure your cosmetic dentist explains all the different material choices available.

Do your part

Maintaining a good regimen of at-home oral hygiene is the best way to prolong the life of your cosmetic dental work. This prevents teeth under the restorations from developing cavities and protects you against gum disease, which can do catastrophic damage to dental restorations by attacking the supporting teeth and bone.

Also consider breaking any bad habits such as smoking, chewing tobacco or chewing on non-food objects such as pens, pencils, and fingernails.

Hoag and Dotsch has the training and experience to handle any cosmetic dental needs you may have. If you are interested in cosmetic dental work, call us at (206) 542-4344 to learn more about the services we offer.

Hoag and Dotsch is proud to provide oral health care to patients in the area of Shoreline, Washington.

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