Is Teeth Whitening Right for Me?

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The emergence of multiple brands of teeth-whitening strips supports the fact that many Americans desire a brighter, whiter smile. The problem with these over-the-counter whitening agents is they are just not strong enough to provide the results patients really want, which is long-lasting results. The whitening products found in stores only whiten the surface of your teeth, the enamel. Although you may see immediate results, the stain will set in once again, even much quicker than you think.

Teeth become stained from use of:

  • Tobacco
  • Certain foods and beverages
  • Medications
  • Genetics

Whichever the reason, Opalescence can reverse these stains on your teeth and provide you with long-term results. Opalescence offers an in-office option or a take-home kit as well.

The take-home kit is popular with our patients, providing you with the convenience of whitening your teeth at home, without having to sit at the dental office. Plus, the consistency of the Opalescence whitening agent is thicker than most, which means the gel stays put on your teeth instead of your gums.

Opalescence contains potassium fluoride (PF), which helps strengthen tooth enamel and reduce sensitivity. Plus, PF helps prevent cavities. To begin your whitening treatments, we fabricate custom-made trays, from impressions of your mouth, that will fit over your teeth. The dentist will determine the proper strength and type of gel that is best for you.

Our in-office treatment, Opalescence Boost, takes only about 60 to 90 minutes to complete, achieving your desired results for a beautiful smile. Opalescence is an ideal option for teeth whitening as it does not use heat or ultraviolet light, as do some in-office whitening treatments. Instead, to activate, we simply mix the gel, and then, apply the gel to your teeth and let it set for a specific amount of time. In one short visit, you can be on your way to a brighter, whiter smile!

If you desire whiter teeth, we can help! Contact us today at Hoag and Dotsch to schedule your next visit. We welcome patients of Shoreline, Edmonds, and Seattle, Washington.