What Can Help Me With My Dental Anxiety

dental anxiety

dental anxiety

Shoreline, Edmonds, and Seattle, WA

It is important that you feel comfortable during your dental visit with Dr. Hoag and Dr. Dotsch. Often times fear and anxiety can overcome us. To remain calm during dental treatment to prevent increased anxiety, is our ultimate goal for your comfort. The dental staff members at Dr. Hoag and Dr. Dotsch want you to receive the highest quality of professional dental care. Nitrous oxide/oxygen analgesia is often beneficial in helping you to overcome your dental stresses while in our office. It is also very beneficial for lengthy dental treatment visits that can cause your jaw and facial muscles to become tired while remaining open.

Nitrous oxide  sedation options to reduce anxiety:

  • Nitrous oxide has also been called “laughing gas”. Patients become so comfortable and relaxed that they get the giggles.
  • Local anesthetic is given to numb the areas that are to be treated, making the procedure more comfortable for you
  • You will be awake and will remain very relaxed during your dental treatment
  • More oxygen is given than what we breathe in normal room air, this provides a great margin of safety
  • Nitrous oxide/oxygen is inhaled through a small mask placed over your nose only.
  • Dental treatment is more comfortable and time seems to pass extremely fast.

What should I know about nitrous oxide sedation:

  • It is safe to drive after having nitrous oxide
  • The nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is out of your system within 5 minutes of being removed.
  • Nitrous oxide is affordable for all types of dental care. (dental hygiene cleanings to more complex dental treatment)

If you are experiencing dental anxiety or just want to be more comfortable during your dental visit, ask Dr. Hoag and Dr, Dotsch if nitrous oxide sedation is right for you. We welcome patients from Shoreline, Edmonds and surrounding areas around Seattle, Washington.