FAQs on Invisalign

faq on invisalign

faq on invisalignShoreline, Edmonds and Seattle, WA

Have you ever thought about straightening your teeth? Shoreline, WA area patients who have been faced with orthodontic treatment are often turned off by the idea of conventional metal braces. However, thanks to state-of-the-art advances in dentistry, patients can now improve their smiles without wires and brackets. Instead, many patients who visit the team of Hoag & Dotsch are invited to learn more about Invisalign.

Invisalign is a method of orthodontics that uses a series of clear aligner trays to allow patients to achieve the smile they’ve always wanted without the embarrassment, discomfort, and hassle of conventional orthodontia. These aligner trays are worn for two weeks at a time to reposition the natural teeth into a more desirable alignment. Patients can remove these trays to maintain their periodontal health while making dramatic changes in their smiles. This transformation can be done within a year in most cases, sometimes sooner, depending on the severity of misalignment and patient compliance.

Many patients ask, “Does Invisalign work?” Of course it does! Drs. John Hoag and Michelle Dotsch believe that Invisalign can be the perfect alternative to traditional braces. Patients find Invisalign effective, comfortable, less embarrassing, and affordable. Invisalign allows patients to maintain their dental health during treatment and achieve the smile of their dreams with less restrictions when it comes to food and drink during Invisalign treatment. Patients can speak with their dentist about the many ways in which Invisalign is becoming more popular with teenagers and adults interested in realigning their dental arch or bite.

At Hoag & Dotsch, our dental team is committed to the beauty, health, and function of your natural smile. If you and your family are ready to experience one of the best Shoreline area dental teams, contact Drs. John Hoag and Michelle Dotsch to schedule your free initial consultation appointment. You can contact us today! We are excited to speak with you and educate you on this amazing orthodontic treatment option available to teenagers and adults ready to rejuvenate the appearance of their smiles!

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