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Preventive care entails brushing and flossing regularly, as well as visiting the dentist twice a year. For some patients, this simply is not enough to protect their teeth against cavities. In this case, Dr. Hoag and Dr. Dotsch offer additional treatments that can help minimize your risk of developing tooth decay.


Fluoride is a natural occurring mineral that helps fight tooth decay. Our diet and lifestyle cause our teeth to demineralize (weakening of the tooth enamel), making them susceptible to decay and sensitivity. Fluoride helps create a barrier on your teeth, protecting your teeth from plaque and sugars that cause decay. Using fluoride helps reduce your chance of developing cavities. Fluoride has proven to be most effective when applied to children’s teeth before their teeth have had a chance to develop decay.

How can I get fluoride?

Fluoride is found in our drinking water and some kinds of toothpaste but is sometimes not enough for patients.Dr. Hoag and Dr. Dotsch offer a fluoride rinse that can be applied in-office or at home, depending on the patient’s need.Dr. Hoag and Dr. Dotsch will be able to determine if you require a professional grade fluoride rinse.

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