Want to Save Your Teeth? Avoid Sports Drinks

avoid sports drinks

avoid sports drinksShoreline, Edmonds, and Seattle, WA

When it is hot out, many people grab a sports drink in an attempt to rehydrate while working or playing outside. Keep in mind that although these brightly colored and refreshing drinks promise to deliver vitamins, hydration, potassium, and other minerals and electrolytes that our bodies need, they also come packed with loads of sugar. By drinking sports drinks, you could be doing more harm than good, specifically to your teeth.

Sports drinks contain nearly 13 teaspoons of sugar, per bottle! That is more than a can of soda. Plus, sports drinks are highly acidic. The combination of sugar and acids mean that sports drinks can erode tooth enamel, which leads to cavities or tooth decay. It is because of this that we recommend hydrating with water before, during, and after intense sweating from exercise, sports, or working outdoors.

How can you protect your teeth?

Drinking water instead of sports drinks is highly recommended. However, if you must drink a sports drink, try these tips to help protect your teeth.

  • Limit the frequency and amount that you drink
  • Swallow immediately, and rinse your mouth with water afterward
  • If wearing a mouth guard, rinse it with water only

What can I drink instead?

Other beverages on the market help you stay hydrated. Instead of sports drinks, try these ideas. Coconut water is natural, and especially refreshing when it is hot out. Also, many fruits and vegetables such as melons, celery, and carrots can help provide extra hydration due to their high water content. There is also Smart Water available that contains electrolytes to keep you hydrated. Get the benefit of a sports drink but without all the sugar and acids.

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