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An inlay or an onlay is a desirable method of repairing teeth that have a large amount of decay. Sometimes a cavity is much too large for a composite (tooth-colored filling), yet, not bad enough to need a dental crown. In this case, we offer an inlay or an onlay that will restore the tooth to its natural abilities and appearance. Inlays and onlays are custom-made from either composite or porcelain material. The best part about them, they are permanent and durable.

The difference between an inlay and an onlay

An inlay is used when only the chewing surface of a tooth is compromised by decay. If decay has spread to the cusps (tiny bumps) of a tooth, an onlay is more appropriate. The dentist will determine which method of repair is best for you.

What to expect

The procedure for an inlay or an onlay is similar to getting a regular filling. Your mouth will be numbed, then, the decayed portion of your tooth is removed. If you have what is referred to as a direct inlay/onlay, the dentist will permanently bond the material to your tooth and complete the procedure in one visit. For an indirect inlay/onlay, impressions will need to be made and sent to our expert dental lab to handcraft the inlay/onlay. If this is your case, you will return for a second visit to complete your treatment.

How to care for your inlay/onlay

Caring for your teeth after an inlay/onlay procedure is simple. Just brush and floss them as you would any of your other teeth. The material used for an inlay/onlay is durable and long lasting. You should be able to carry about your normal dental hygiene routine, diet, and lifestyle.

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