Practice Transition FAQs

When is the office closing?

We will be seeing patients until September 21st, 2017.  After that date, you will be seen at Dr. Brenner’s office which is located about 5 minutes from here.  The new address is 1359 N 205thStreet, and is in the Costco Aurora Village shopping complex, next to the UW Medical Clinic.

Who will take over my treatment?

After careful consideration, the doctors have asked Dr. Jordan Brenner to take over their patients care.  He is located only a few minutes from here on the north side of the Costco Aurora Village shopping complex, next to the UW Medical Clinic.

Does Dr. Brenner take my dental insurance?

Dr. Jordan Brenner is a preferred provider with most dental insurances.

What about my existing appointment?

Once you begin care with Dr. Brenner you will be greeted with the familiar faces of Tambe and Maria who will retain their positions at the new office.  It is Dr. Brenner’s hope that existing hygiene appointments that have already been set with Tambe will transfer over as is, with as few changes as possible to the new office.  If you are currently scheduled with our hygienist Jessie, Dr. Brenner’s office will be reaching out to you to have you reappointed with their hygienist Anna.

What about my Invisalign treatment?

We will be transferring your care to local Orthodontists Dr. Simons and Dr. Lowe for any remainder of care not completed before September 21st, 2017.

What if I have an emergency?

If it is before we close, you can see us, however as of September 1st we will refer you to Dr. Brenner. Ideally, it is in your best interest to come in sooner for an exam and treatment with Dr. Hoag to avoid an emergency situation.

How long is the office closing?

It will not be reopening.

What will happen to the building?

An opportunity presented itself which helped finalize the doctor’s decision.  The land has been sold and will be developed.

How long will you be seeing patients?

We will be seeing patients until September 21st, 2017.  

How can I obtain my records?

If you choose not to transfer your care to Dr. Jordan Brenner, we will forward your records to the practice of your choice.  HIPAA rules still apply and we will need you to complete a “Records Request” form for us to do so.  Please email or call us so that we can assist you with this matter.

What are the doctors going to be doing?

For the immediate future, the plan is to spend more time with their family.