Sports Guards

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A sports guard, is an effective way of protecting your teeth, especially if you engage in sports related activities. A sports guard essentially absorbs the impact when trauma to the head or face occurs. Many dental office emergencies stem from a sports related injury. Why not prevent these injuries and save yourself money too.

What is a sports guard and who should get one?

Sports guards are custom-made, plastic type of material that fits directly over your teeth. They are convenient and comfortable to wear. Anyone, even children and teens that engage in sports or sports related activities should consider a sports guard. Sports such as hockey, baseball/softball, soccer, lacrosse, mountain biking, gymnastics, and football are examples of sports where injuries with force to the face and mouth can occur.

Why should I wear a sports guard?

Protecting you teeth with a sports guard can prevent damage to your teeth or existing dental work that you may have, plus, save you money by avoiding costly repairs.

A sports guard helps prevent:

  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Damage to existing dental work
  • Lacerations of the mouth
  • Trauma to your teeth
  • Avulsed tooth (a tooth that is knocked out)

How does a sports guard protect my teeth?

Mouth guards are both convenient and comfortable to wear. The purpose of a mouth guard is to protect your teeth by:

  • Absorbing shock or force
  • Redistributing force
  • Provides support to your teeth and jaw

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