The Oral-Systemic Connection

oral systemic connectionShoreline, Edmonds, and Seattle, WA

Many studies connect oral health and heart health. Often, the dentist can detect early warning signs of health problems, such as heart disease, long before you experience noticeable symptoms. At Hoag and Dotsch, we understand how your oral health can affect your whole body. This is why during your examination with us, Drs. Hoag and Dotsch provide you with a comprehensive evaluation that not only assesses your oral health but your overall health as well. Oral diseases can have a tremendous impact on your heart health, which is why prevention and treatment early on are key to your health.

Bacteria that causes oral plaque has also been detected in the arteries of patients suffering from heart disease. Plaque also causes an inflammatory response in the body, especially the heart. Protecting your heart begins with a clean and healthy mouth. By minimizing bad bacteria in your mouth, you are taking steps to reducing your chance of developing heart disease.

As founding members of the American Academy for Oral-Systemic Health (AAOSH), Drs. Hoag and Dotsch are passionate about communicating the importance of the connection between your mouth and your body. At Hoag and Dotsch, our approach considers how your body works as a whole, which is why we treat the cause of your symptoms and not just the symptoms.

Your body functions best when all systems are in working order and of proper balance. Your mouth is the door to a healthy body and confident smile. Although there is much uncharted territory regarding the connection between oral health and heart health, why not go ahead and take exceptional care of your mouth. You will have a healthy smile, and you just might add extra protection to your heart health as well.

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