A Simple Solution to your Migraine Headaches

simple solution to migraines

simple solution to migrainesShoreline, Edmonds, and Seattle, WA

It is estimated that nearly 4 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches, and you may be one of them. Many sufferers desperately seek treatment and relief from their debilitating headaches, but only end up masking their pain with medication. What if you could treat the source of your pain, instead of just covering up the symptoms?

At Hoag and Dotsch, we focus on TMJ relief, among other general and cosmetic dentistry services. TMJ, known as temporomandibular joint disorder, is the primary cause for migraine headaches, among many other symptoms including an uneven or painful bite, ringing in the ears, popping or clicking noises in the jaw, pain in the jaw joints, and more. Although pain medications, typically prescribed by general practitioners and family doctors, may provide temporary relief, the headaches keep coming back with increased intensity and frequency. In fact, many family doctors often misdiagnose these TMJ-related headaches like migraines, because they simply are not trained to diagnose TMJ disorders or may overlook it.

What does my jaw have to do with my migraines?

The most prominent nerve in the head is the trigeminal nerve, which connects from the brain, thru the jaw joints, and into the upper and lower jaw. Its primary function is to transmit sensations from the face to the brain. Did you just make that connection? A major nerve connecting from the brain to the jaws that send signals from the face to the brain? The slightest bite misalignment can throw this nerve into a tizzy, sending pain signals to the brain, and resulting in headaches or migraines.

Just think about it for a minute. This connection is similar to a car, and how it runs smoothly when the tires are properly inflated and balanced. But, what happens if one wheel is out of alignment? You would notice a more rugged ride as you drive your car. If you ignore this issue, it only gets worse, wears out your tires quicker, and maybe even your breaks. Eventually, you could even cause damage to your vehicle. The same is true of our bodies, especially the jaw.

How does this revelation go unnoticed by physicians? We may not ever know, but can say with confidence that Hoag and Dotsch has a cure for you.

How can the dentist help cure my migraine headaches?

By achieving the optimal bite alignment, your lower jaw will be relieved of tension and stress, which is what the trigeminal nerve will tell the brain. Stop hurting; there’s a relief! Using a custom made oral orthotic, your jaw will be held in a comfortable, and correct bite position that relieves stress from the jaw. For some patients, they may require restorations such as tooth replacement, to help achieve an optimal bite.

If you are tired of suffering from migraines, contact the office of Hoag and Dotsch today by calling (206) 542-4344.

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